applying a lut7.png


The First step is making sure your footage is in LOG / FLAT. If it is, skip to STEP 2. 

If you are importing RED footage (.r3d) there is a good chance that the footage will be in a different gamma space (RED GAMMA 3 / RED GAMMA 4 / 709 / ETC)

Select the clip, and move over to the EFFECTS CONTROLS tab. Here you are going to click the tab with your clip name and scroll down to where you see the gamma options. Select RedlogFilm. (you may need to repeat this for the rest of your clips)




Next you need to decide if you want the LUT to apply to a single clip, or the entire timeline of clips. Any easy way to apply a LUT to an adjustment layer. Make sure the adjustment layer is above and across your entire timeline. Any corrections made on the adjustment layer will apply to all clips and media below it. 



Go over to your EFFECTS tab and search "LUMETRI COLOR" and it should yield only one result. With the effect selected, drag this over the your adjustment layer.



You are so close! Now click back to your EFFECTS CONTROLS tab, and from here you can import and apply a LUT to your footage / adjustment layer. Under LUMETRI COLOR -- scroll down until you see INPUT LUT, by default it is set to NONE. Click that and choose BROWSE. 



And that's it! Your finder window will open up -- now just navigate to the folder on your computer where you have your LUTs saved to and select one.


Quick Tip: Our Tropic Colour LUT packs have different strengths of each LUT. So if you find that you like the look but it is coming in too heavy, try a lighter strength (80% / 60% / 40% / 20%)

Quick Tip: If you are using an adjustment layer, try to keep other assets (titles / Film Grain) ABOVE your adjustment layer, or it will be graded by the LUT.