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We at Tropic Colour have tried to keep this our core message from day one —

"affordable & professional assets for filmmakers and creatives"

We know what it’s like to be an indie filmmaker — where every dollar counts. Filmmaking isn't cheap -- so that is where Tropic Colour has established itself in the market. We want to be come a resource to filmmakers and creatives who need professional grade assets, at an affordable price.

We've scaled our company tremendously over the last year, not through gimmicky ads and promotions, but by growing as marketplace that filmmakers can trust and count on. We stand by our products, because as the creators of this company -- we are filmmakers ourselves.  



Our goal is to align ourself with filmmakers and creatives who really embody what we are trying to develop and build -- so that is where you come in. 

As an ambassador -- we would set you up with our catalog of products -- for free. Anything you want to use on your projects would be at your disposal. And in return we just want you to tag / promote us in the most organic and natural way as you share your projects with your followers. 

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We require the following to be fulfilled each month:

2 IG FEED POSTS per month — Mention & tag TC in the most organic and natural way possible.

2 IG STORY POSTS per month — Mention & tag TC in the most organic way possible We don't want this partnership to come off as spammy in anyway. 


The ambassador partnership is for 6 Months (but is not limited). This is designed to prevent an ambassador from ripping off our products with only 1 month of fulfillment. As a company we will continue to grow and unveil more products, so after 6 months if you continue to meet your monthly requirements -- you will have access to all new and future releases as they become available. 


  • Promo Video / Stills — When we send you the Download Links -- you'll have access to our Promo Videos and Graded Stills.  Sharing either of these to your feed or IG story works as fulfilling a post. 

  • Posting your own work / projects and tagging us — we obviously don’t want these to come off as gimmicky Ads — so however you want to post and word it so it feels organic to your follower base works too! 


As an ambassador -- your work will be reviewed and has the chance to be feature on various of our social media platforms -- tagging you and your work!



This ambassador program is still new, so these details are still being worked out. But we are open to the idea paid opportunities within the partnership in the future.

We are able to track the analytics of your promo code — so if we see a high percentage of purchases from your followers using your code, we can discuss further payment / rewards.

If you have a decent subscription base on YouTube — this is another paid opportunity which we are open to collaborating on. Talking about / reviewing any of our products on your channel could yield payment.

Please inquire further if any of the above interest you.


To become a Tropic Colour Ambassador — we require you to acknowledge and agree to everything outlined within this breakdown. This just protects both parties (Tropic Colour and yourself) moving forward regarding free products and monthly fulfillment. 


Your password for the download links is: TChrQM5sKM11!

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